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Terry Conners - UK Department of Forestry

I'm an Extension Specialist for Wood Products and faculty member at the University of Kentucky Department of Forestry.

Wood identification is one of my specialties; I often teach wood ID short courses for the general public, and I present Wood Magic, a general program about the importance of wood in everyday life, to thousands of Kentucky youth and adults every year.

I helped found a successful technical assistance business for the pulp and paper industry. I've helped teach U.S. Treasury agents how to look at questioned documents and currency.

At the other end of the wood spectrum, I currently teach a short course in grading railroad ties each year. I've helped numerous individuals and companies with problems ranging from horse farm fencing to how to dry lumber to flooring problems and identifying wood evidence in legal proceedings.

Founding member of the Central Kentucky Wood Producers Association.

Contact Terry: tconners@uky.edu or visit his website

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