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Wood Ouija Planchettes Commission

Ouija planchettes are the small triangular heart-shaped pointers that come with Ouija boards. They are typically made from plastic, and have legs that are covered in felt so that they move around easily on the Ouija board. There is always a circular hole cut into the planchette that is transparent, so you can see the letters on the Ouija board as you move the planchette around.

A local merchant had 3 vintage Ouija boards but had lost or broken the planchettes over the years. So she asked Full Circle to make 3 wood planchettes for her. We cut a template and verified with her that the size and thickness was correct. For the wood species, we chose cherry for its lightness, bold colors, and attractive grain. Three pegs were added to the underside, holes were cut for viewing, and they were finished with Tung oil. The felt pad addition was left for the merchant.


Fine Heirloom Furniture

Full Circle School of Woodworking builds custom, one-of-a-kind heirloom furniture and gift items on commission. Some of the items we build include:

  • Chairs
  • Kitchen tables
  • Book shelves and dictionary stands
  • Wooden kitchenware and gift boxes
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