Full Circle Woodworking

Fine heirloom furniture and hand tool woodworking classes

Hand Tool Woodworking Classes

Our woodworking classes teach students the fundamentals of joinery using hand tool techniques. We feel these techniques offer the greatest benefit to students because students learn to work by feel. Once a student has mastered hand tools, they can then decide whether or not to add power tools to the mix. Our classes cover topics such as:

  • Basic joinery fundamentals
  • Building and working with shaving horses
  • Using drawknives and spokeshaves
  • Sharpening bench tools and hand saws
  • Spoon and bowl carving

Our classes are some of the most competitively-priced in the industry, starting at about $110/day. Classes are held from 9am-5pm and last from 1-3 days.

Fine Heirloom Furniture and Gift Items

Full Circle School of Woodworking builds and sells a variety of hand-crafted wood products, including kitchen utensils, wooden boxes and bowls, walking sticks, work benches, tables, storage chests, shaving horses, and more. We also accept woodworking commissions for quality heirloom furniture. A commitment to excellence is always the driving factor in each piece produced. An artisan's eye guarantees that each piece is unique, and that every detail is considered before the first mallet blow or stroke of the plane. No shortcuts are taken, and no commission is rushed. We believe there is no substitute for high quality.

Contact us to inquire about heirloom furniture or other products, and be sure to check out our woodworking gallery for examples of our work.

  • Rustic Country Table
  • Big Green Egg Mobile Cart
  • Church Benches Restoration
  • Walnut Dictionary Stand
  • Dovetail Box 1
  • Dovetail Box 2
  • Dovetail Box 3
  • Dovetail Box 4
  • Kitchen Table
  • Small Wooden Bowl
  • Wooden Spatula 1
  • Wooden Spatula 2
  • Wooden Spatula 3
  • Tan Dovetail Box
  • Wooden Bowl
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Wooden Spoon Collection
  • Wooden Meat Tenderizer
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